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About Me

Name: Stephen Woolhead
Location: Sandy, Bedfordshire


I work as a programmer and Team Leader for a company that builds software and hardware solutions in the areas of Access Control, Building Management, CCTV and Time & Attendance. I also dabble in IT matters when needed.


I started with a degree in Physics with Space Science, but ended up building software. While I don't get to put my physics and space background to much use in my day job these days, I keep a spark alive in my main hobby which is Amateur rocketry

I have lots of interests and over the years have dabbled in many things with various levels of success, including:

  • Metalworking / Turning
  • Composites (Carbon/glass fiber)
  • DIY
  • Electronics
  • Programming


I have loads of ideas but I'm going to start at Makespace with projects that help me learn (re-learn in some cases) basic skills. These will then form building blocks for bigger projects in the future.

Current Projects

PCB Milling on the Roland

Completed Projects