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About Me

Name: Simon Stirley Location: St Ives Family: Wife and 3 daughters (Age 15,13,4)


I have been a professional coder for just under 20 years, working mainly with C and C++ on Windows platforms. Most recently I have been making industrial printers (Xaar/TTEC/Kyocera printheads) and currently work for Videojet on high-speed embedded printers (Windows CE). Certified Scrum Master.


As a child of the personal computer revolution (Sinclair ZX81 was my first machine!) I have always been interested in computers and electronics. I have also restored a number of classic cars, currently finishing off a Rover Mini Cooper. Outdoor pursuits have also featured heavily - walking, mountaineering, cycling, rock-climbing and so on.


I have done many electronics, interfacing and PIC based projects over the years - vehicle data logging, traction control, etc. More recently I have been experimenting with Arduino on a number of projects. My current projects are on the main projects page.