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About Me

Name: Steve Upton
Location: Warboys, Cambridgeshire
Family: Wife and 2 daughters


I started as a programmer (C, C++, Java, Perl, SQL) and now run a successful consultancy company, specialising in IT Service Management.


I've always loved making things and learning how things worked. As a dedicated generalist I've never learnt everything about anything but have dabbled in lots, including:

  • Woodworking
  • Wood turning
  • Welding
  • DIY
  • Electronics
  • Programming
  • Web development


I have loads of ideas but I'm going to start at Makespace with projects that help me learn (re-learn in some cases) basic skills. These will then form building blocks for bigger projects in the future.

Current Projects

  • Jeeves - An Arduino based monitoring and control system for my home office
    • Basic use of an Arduino
    • Building shields
    • Using sensors - temp, light
    • Mains power control to set the office temp

  • Weatharduino - an Arduino based weather station
    • XBee for remote sensing
    • Sensors: wind speed & direction, temperature, light, pressure
    • Designing for long battery life of remote unit

  • PiKeys - a keyboard with embedded Raspberry Pi - a modernised C64
    • Raspberry Pi starter project
    • Fabrication in plastic
    • Raspberry Pi connections, power requirements
    • Aim is to finish with a self contained unit

  • Family Makers
    • Regular club for members and their friends and families to make things.

Completed Projects

  • Coat rack
    • Now installed in the entrance to Makespace
    • See my blog for details

  • LED Cube
    • Arduino powered 4x4 LED cube