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The usb Stenography project is part of a larger project, namely;


or the

'Medico-legal Index of Geospecific Records and Analysis of VIolence, its Sequelae and Traumatic Injury'

MIGRAVISTI[1] is an aggregation, analysis, archive, and mapping project; for analysing injuries sustained under torture for use in medico-legal reports to secure release from detention people who are found to be escaping torture.

There are three constituent parts of the project overall, namely;

  • the medical records/database;
  • client-side/mobile app; and
  • alternative input methods.

MIGRAVISTI was began by Ewen Macmillan, an Expert Witness on Arab minority's repression by the Iranian authorities, and the surveillance techniques those authorities deploy abroad.

Based on the Harvard Medical School's Program in Refugee Trauma (HPRT) Questionnaire with contributions from UCL (whom, with the assistance of Prof. Anthony Finkelstein, have drawn up a prototype of the database component), and Central St Martin's, University of the Arts London (where Dr Rebecca Ross, Senior Lecturer and Interaction Design Subject Leader on Graphic Communication Design is working on developing the system's interface for use by physicians and survivors of torture).

We aim to initially develop interfaces for the three types of user (survivors, medics and lawyers); for use in this country and elsewhere in the EU. The ultimate goal being to develop a tool that helps doctors and governments screen asylum seekers before detention to ensure that survivors of torture and other trauma are not detained.