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I have been working for a number of years as an FAE in the PCB testing industry, especially focused on JTAG/Boundary Scan and related technologies like embedded instruments and processor emulation/debug.


  • electronics (got an engineer's degree/german "Diplom" in electronics/technical informatics)
  • problem solving, finding faults, fixing stuff
  • PC-based programming (have done projects in C/C++/C#/Java/Pascal/ASM in the past, now usually use C# or Python)
  • embedded programming (have done projects in ASM and embedded C)
  • knowledge of anything related to manufacturing and testing PCBs


  • every kind of electronics, especially anything based on uCs/uPs
  • programming, both embedded (hardware - not apps) and PC-based (currently improving my Python)
  • playing with all those fancy Makespace toys like the laser-cutter and the 3D-printer
  • improving my "workmanship"-skills with the heavier machinery like the lathe and the mill


  • coming soon