Kit wishlist: basic infrastructure budget

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We have provisionally allocated an initial ~£1k each month till year end for infrastructure basics.

Big equipment/capex purchases are going to require us securing sponsorship, and cash is tight whilst a lot is going out for space setup (insurance, security, access, fire, lawyers etc) before we have all the grant so we're being a bit careful right now, but especially thanks to all the commitment of founder members, the cashflow looks ok for us to spend a bit now on basics.

So basically up to the commitiee how this £1k/month should be spent, but painting seems reasonable one.

We will be able to claim VAT back (with a VAT receipt!), but whilst cashflow is tight assume any cost are inc vat prices. There was general maillist concensus for storage box shelving (now ordered + built - came in at ~250 inc vat/delivery/couple of test boxes), and i'd request we budget for an industrial henry xtra hoover (~150) having spent the evening brushing up and wanting to ease and set a precedent on future cleanliness, but what else is up for discussion! I think i saw some provisional paint calculatons fly past, and seems in a ball park that could fit. Also some vices to bolt to some of the desks could be wise, but will let the planning meeting discuss what and how to allocate this money.

What do we want in October?

Any donations of the below are very welcome...

  • Henry industrial xtra hoover (£150) - Donated, thanks!
  • Storage box shelving - Bought, £255
  • Vices for benchwork
  • Safety equipment - goggles/gloves/masks
  • Hammer / mallet
  • Set of decent screwdrivers
  • Box of Cat5/Cat6 cable (+ connectors, crimping tool)
  • Network switches, access points etc.
  • Henry hoover bags
  • Bin bags, cleaning products
  • A bin (General bin + Recycling bin)
  • Couple of good quality brooms
  • Good quality wifi access points (3)
  • More stools/chairs/benches for the main workshop
  • PAT Tester £27 this is an Portable Appliance Testing Adapter, needs an Insulation & Continuity Tester to work, and they start about £200 plus VAT. A basic PAT start from £175 + Vat
  • Paint (Walls of robolab 2 coats approx £60, Floor of robolab 2 coats approx £60 also)
  • A makespace stamp
  • Tea/Coffee/washing up facilities
  • A sink for the above in the heavy workshop - there is water+drainage already available, so no real alterations to do. Cheap wall mounted sink is about £40, but if anyone has a spare belfast sink...