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We have provisionally allocated an initial ~£1k each month till year end for infrastructure basics.

Big equipment/capex purchases are going to require us securing sponsorship, and cash is tight whilst a lot is going out for space setup (insurance, security, access, fire, lawyers etc) before we have all the grant so we're being a bit careful right now, but especially thanks to all the commitment of founder members, the cashflow looks ok for us to spend a bit now on basics.

So basically up to the commitiee how this £1k/month should be spent, but painting seems reasonable one.

We will be able to claim VAT back (with a VAT receipt!), but whilst cashflow is tight assume any cost are inc vat prices. There was general maillist concensus for storage box shelving (now ordered + built - came in at ~250 inc vat/delivery/couple of test boxes), and i'd request we budget for an industrial henry xtra hoover (~150) having spent the evening brushing up and wanting to ease and set a precedent on future cleanliness, but what else is up for discussion! I think i saw some provisional paint calculatons fly past, and seems in a ball park that could fit. Also some vices to bolt to some of the desks could be wise, but will let the planning meeting discuss what and how to allocate this money.

Outstanding requests

(items already offered for donation or sourced have been deleted)

  • thermometer (IR) (Maplin has a cheap one for about £30)
  • scaffold - similar to the one we hired but ours - for changing bulbs, painting, repair, hanging stuff off roof, etc. Cheaper and safer than commercial grade ladders? eg £529 inc vat
  • More stools/chairs/benches for the main workshop. Do we want some wheeled chairs, maybe more of the green and orange ones which are so on brand and funky? (£38/each)
  • adhesive for lino on workshop floor
  • mastic? for filling small holes in lino under mezzanine carpet tiles
  • power tools - list being actively discussed in email!
  • small component storage units
  • items to create two complete soldering stations with all needed peripherals (being discussed in email!)
  • cleaning cloths, washing up liquid, etc
  • stickers of a size to take teh new makespace stamp (so we can label magazines etc)
  • ink pads for makespace stamp

  • things needing clarification:
    • A3 postscript laser printer (what's the use case for this? color laser is £900, inkjet is £150 and better value unless we are doing high production. All medium level or higher printers now natively support postscript and the low-end ones do postscript->ghostscript->Pcl MT)
    • Wifi webcams, for security and also for seeing who if anyone is in the space! can be used with these cameras 3x can cover most areas.

to do security motion detection based recording, etc. (note: do we want private or public or delayed feeds? Concerns have been raised by founders about public online photos already...)

    • big pinboard (what's the use case for this, given the pin boards already in the space?)

Notes on items on wishlist

From a security point of view, I would suggest that 5 cameras are installed to cover the exits and the store/admin room. I use Zoneminder at home for my cameras and it's works well, best with a powerful system with a lot of storage. Static cameras would be best for some areas. The hall needs about 2 cameras at lest to cover it, one at both ends but one would do for now. A 3rd camera in the hall, possibly HD would be nice for streaming events. A local live feed showing the entrance camera in the corridor, is a good way of reminding people that there are live cameras in use. I would also suggest that the cameras are hard wired, on their own network and use POE for their power. --Brian Corteil 13:15, 16 November 2012 (UTC)

A couple of thoughts about power tools. The battery tools should be of one system, the same voltage and battery. I think 18v and Li-ion is a good starting point. Makita tools would be a good selection, they can take a lot of mistreatment, one of the guys I work with destroys any sub quality tools. He uses Makita and Hilti tools, I personally like Bosch tools. On a side note Hilti also make very good drill bits and fixings.--Brian Corteil 17:31, 16 November 2012 (UTC) ?

November plan from Founders meeting 27-11-12 See the plan notes on Meetings/Planning22-11-2012

October plan from Founders meeting 25-10-12 We ran through the various items and priced them to see how things look.

  • Storage boxes and rack, £250, already bought
  • Henry - donation received, many thanks!
  • materials for 1-2 workbenches £100
  • vice(s) £80
  • safety kit eg goggles £50
  • mallet £5
  • cat 5 cables - donations very likely :)
  • Henry bags - £10
  • bins (either oil drums or actual bins with self-closing lids; varied to cover recycling and waste separation options) £100
  • brooms - already have
  • paint rollers and long poles £70
  • misc screws, nails etc £100
  • storage - no further purchases this month
  • PAT tester - not this month
  • paint (floor and walls) £200 - £300
  • fridge £50
  • microwave Donation offered, many thanks!

As this all roughly adds up to £1000 the complete set of items here were agreed to be bought. Laura will coordinate the purchases. If you have any donations to offer against this list let her know asap!