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postponed to 27th November!

Draft agenda:

  • What shall we buy in Nov with allocated £1000? Kit wishlist: basic infrastructure budget - looks like this will be tighter this month. If anyone can help pricing up items before the meeting that would be great
  • Electrical safety policy - polish up, write PAT testing checklist
  • What needs doing or buying before we can open? If we start with "the fablab" set of kit from Kit wishlist what are we missing? What has long lead times that we might need to buy soon?
  • What other tasks (other than final detailing on paint, and fire detection) need doing before we can open? What can we do and what do we need contractors for? How do we want to plan this?
  • ANy volunteers to look after any of the above tasks and be responsible for them?


  • What shall we buy in Nov with allocated £1000? Kit wishlist: basic infrastructure budget - looks like this will be tighter this month. If anyone can help pricing up items before the meeting that would be great

For items on the wishlist for Oct or Nov which aren't mentioned below, we either already have them, or felt we couldn't make a decision or that it should be left for later.

Leftover stuff from Ocotber wishlist:

  • materials for 1-2 workbenches £100

replace with ex-reworks benches? 5m of bench for petrol money. Plus possibly drawers for small items. AGREED to get the benches and drawers and pay £40. RobC to do this.

  • vice(s) £80

sounds like we may be covered by donations

  • brooms - new broom

broom being fixed - Steve

  • microwave Donation offered, many thanks!

sort out transport on mailing list - or tonight

November list:

  • small parts cabinets - coming anyway from Reworks
  • PAT tester - yes

Laura to buy

  • PAT testing stickers

Laura to buy

  • dymo labeller - on loan, don't buy
  • metal ruler with cutting edge and cutting mat, A3 or A2

Michael to buy (and possibly loan in the near term)

What about loans coming in now?

  • check donations policy
  • get risk assessment done by laura if not something obviously very safe or already here and risk assessed. You should do this before bringing something in, because even if you know how to use it, if you leave it around and don't label it clearly others might use it without realising the risks...
  • get entry in kit database - see wiki page for info
  • soldering iron

brian to donate; michael can donate tools stand etc

  • coat pegs / rack - rail with hooks

coats along classroom - workshop corridor wall - hooks to go on strip of wood OR rail with hangers.

Decision: Buy batten with double hooks on it

Steve to do this

  • lamps for close work

basic LED lamps - on a base, cheap on ikea, OR - strip LEDs on a base. Agreed to get a couple of ikea ones

Laura to order

  • printer - needs use case. Also possibly leased?

Left decision for another time

  • lots of splitters - B&Q sale

want something with decent length lead ... handful of these :) and maybe long windey one

Steve to go to B&Q

  • look at refills for existign printer...

we thought it might be better to get refills for the existing printer, and to price up what printers are good value with respect to refulls. There was a suggestion of a place to go on Mill ROad (?) for this but no one volunteered to do it.

  • bench power supplies

maplin £70-100

plus a couple of socket fixed voltage supplies for basic things

Henry will get these

  • desoldering tool

Michael to donate

  • noncontact thermometer


didn't actually allocate this to anyone to buy

  • small hacksaw

donate - thanks steve

Steve - buy blades at B&Q

  • pinboard - not now. There are pinboards in classroom already
  • clamps

John via ebay (now ordered --- JCGS 12:11, 30 November 2012 (UTC))

  • carpet tile glue

Looks like lino under tiles is deteriorating... (at least in Mezzanine)

So need leveling compound...

- so this is for our jobs list, not buying. Need to work out exactly what the issues are. Also work out if we have enough carpet tiles for both mezzanine and library, or whether we can just do one (and if so which). May also connect with kitchen fitting work (see below)

  • mice and vga leads

Donations appreciated (PS2 or USB)

  • basic power tools

basic kit as a good start - choose decent quality brand and stick with it so we can have itnerchangable chargers etc

cordless for drilling

Could lend Dremel (for smaller jobs) - thanks Michael

Dewalt set - £700?

JOhn Schooling - can lend circular saw

possible sander

So we've got a bunch of donated kit... Professional tools will be good longer term for durability

come back to discussion next week after list discussion (see google group)

  • PPE - want lots of this (ie bucket of goggles) - but perhaps not yet
  • oscilloscope & bits

Michael can loan standalone

  • cheap overalls - make it easy for people to leap into painting etc

steve to get a couple

  • webcams

for security or for webbishness...

need to establish how people feel about stuff

security cams with private feeds is one thing

web cams is another

Brian to recommend on security cams :)

Need to set up working practices as more kit arrives working practices about things being put in a place so they can be found or spotted if missing, being recharged, etc

Electrical safety policy - polish up, write PAT testing checklist

done :) thanks Brian!

What needs doing or buying before we can open?

What needs doing?

  • floor in secure workshop
  • walls in secure workshop - bits more paint needed
  • carpet tiles
  • kitchen - fitting

DanR to own ktichen task :)

  • fire detection


  • beanbags / sofas


  • need tables and chairs

tables being offered generally free (several offers already in)

silvermans - second hand office kit - check for chairs

need to work out what chairs we want - stacking or folding for classroom - needs further discussion

RobC offered 6 stacking chairs for cafe, thanks

  • signs (for outside the door)

Laura has spec for these, but happy for someone else to step up to order them

  • get fablab bits of kit

inc shopbot

need to work out exactly what, and what budget. In terms of kit we will do a survey to find out what priorities of wider community are, this will help us know when we are suffciently kitted out to feel good about opening.

  • layout of secure workshop

JOhn Sturdy

looks tight but shoudl work if we have good extraction :)

  • lead times for critical kit - and what infrastructure is needed (eg extraction)
  • specify what's critical kit - first, do survey of mailing list what they want to do


  • heating???

It sometimes gets chilly! University maintenance team will review our heating and bleed rads etc soon. May want to consider space heaters?

  • RCDs & locks on cabinets

Brian (thanks!)

  • permissions for sign on Mill Lane / Silver st (sandwich board)

Laura to look into this

  • mat for front door

note from Laura on who to talk to At the moment lots of people come and talk to laura about stuff - ideas, suggestions, and so on. This isn't very helpful because everyone does it and so Laura forgets everything - also, unless it's to do with money or legal stuff, why talk to Laura? talk to the community - any founder member, the google group, the wiki.

And on doing stuff: we all need to do things to make makespace happen. Don't expect others to do things - leap in and help yourself, don't just suggest things and expect them to happen :)

AOB - Makespace Xmas dinner

it was agreed that some sort of social thing would be good!