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This is the list of things that need to be done... In some cases there's a responsible person noted and if you are thinking of things in that area or want to do some work which hasn't been planned or agreed, please talk to that person first and check that what you'd like to do fits with the communith plans.

What does it mean to be responsible for one of these areas?

The main thing here is not that someone volunteers to do all the work, but that they take responsibility for making sure stuff happens, whether that means doing it themselves or working with others. For most tasks, this means thinking what's possible, checking with the community (eg on this list or in a meeting) what's wanted, maybe getting the community to choose from some options, checking how the money looks (for things we'll buy from core funds - meaning talking to Laura/Simon/Jonny), and then making stuff happen :) . Laura/Simon/Jonny are here to support this with legal/financial help and will ensure we don't overspend and so on. We need to share the tasks we have between us so no one collapses from overwork, and there's lots of different things to do so hopefully everyone can find something they enjoy. Also note How to buy things for Makespace

  • More owners for most pieces of kit! (talk to the current owners to get set up)
  • Risk assessments for a bunch of bits of kit (talk to the current owners).
  • help with reviewing risk assessments (would be much appreciated - when assessments are posted on list)
  • getting photo wall of members names and pics and interests more up to date
  • Shelving (3 shelves minimum) in kitchen alcove to left of fridges
  • Someone to love the cafe area and source furniture etc

  • consumables bank
    • need to specifiy what we want in terms of storage, numbers, and what.
    • consumables include: thread for sewing, filament for 3D printing, resistors, pens, glue and tape and paperclips and all sorts
    • a good project for someone who wants to start an organised list / spreadsheet/ something and work with others to fill it out! (and then price it!)
  • signage
    • More labels on rooms so visitors know what things are
  • work out details for fablab-set of bits of kit
    • shop bot
    • textiles stuff
  • equipment database
    • to be fully set up and in use with everyone able to use it
    • documented process for how kit comes into space including checking we want it, PAT testing, asset tagging, etc, and noting down loans vs donations
      -> Phil
    • Set up Equipment/NewKit and Equipment/PersonalKit for details about this.
  • RCDs & locks on cabinets
    -> Brian (thanks!)

  • create teams for areas of activity going forward
    • eg Equipment Team, Events Team, Sponsorship Team...